Saturday, February 6, 2010

Favorite Golf Tip of the Winter: Right Shoulder Turn

So this winter I was perusing Golf Digest (I'll have to come back here to put in the issue and author, since I can't find it now) and read a tip about turning your shoulders during the back swing. Seems to be helping so I'll share it here.

The tip sort of surprised me at first because it basically said to think about turning your right shoulder past your right ear on the back swing. Usually as a right handed golfer, its the left shoulder that I'm usually thinking about.

The shoulders of course move together, but its the left one that I see crossing in front of my face on the back swing, and I usually think about making sure I rotate it to some point past my nose. But never gave a thought to my right shoulder or right ear.

So I gave it a try and focused on turning my right shoulder as far past my right ear as I could. Sure enough I felt that this gave me some extra rotation in my shoulders. All of a sudden I can rotate my shoulders more than before!!

For some reason, if I just think about rotating my left shoulder I don't get as much rotation as I do when I think about rotating my right shoulder well past my right ear. Must activate some different muscle groups.

So I've been trying out this new rotation at home (since its Winter here), and hopefully it will help me out on the course as well.

Monday, January 4, 2010

SkyDroid - Golf GPS App

I just published an App for the Android Phone!!!

Its called SkyDroid

Find out more at Search for SkyDroid in the Android Market Place.